Glyconutritionals | The Sweet Nutrient

Some Doctors say glyconutritionals do more good than pharmaceuticals. They have observed the body has a greater ability to heal when are added to they diet.

glyconutritonalsGlyconutrients are sugar molecules. ‘Glyco’ means sweet and so they are ‘sweet nutrients’. We have been taught from birth that though sugar tastes good, sugar is a bad thing. Johnny can not have desert till he eats his vegetables. Even Dentists recommend sugarless gum! The world has become more health conscious and sugar simple has become a “no, no.”

How Sweet It Is

But, there are other sugars that are absolutely vital to our health. We are not talking about table sugar or dietary sugar replacements. We are talking about glyconutritionals.

What Are ?

We have heard that there are a certain group of essential proteins called amino acid and a certain group of essential fats called fatty acids. Glyconutrients are ESSENTIAL carbohydrates. In 1996 Harper’s Biochemistry medical text book identified a select group of eight specific essential carbohydrate molecules (glyconutritients) that reside in and on the surface of every living cell.

These glyconutritionals are processed differently from other fast energy producing carbohydrates. They are non-toxic and non-insulin producing. They are essential for the proper structure and function of every cell in your body. They are used for cell communication and are how the cells talk to each other.

The Sweet Life

One the surface of every cell is a “sugar code.” When cells touch each other they read each other’s words. These glyconutrients communicate everything about the cell. They communicate what type of cell it is, what its purpose is, how healthy or sick it is and also any nutritional, protective, restorative needs it might have. When you cut yourself, for an example, these sugars communicate information to other cells so that your body knows what it needs to seal the cut.

When cells continually miscommunicate, the consequences are damage, degeneration and disease. To keep your body healthy you need fast and accurate cellular communication. Having an ample supply of essential glyconutritionals has been shown to assist in the efficiency of cell-to-cell communication.

Glyconutrients are plant carbohydrates (monosaccharides). There are over 200 carbohydrates or sugars but only 8 are essential to bodily function. Studies of typical American diet indicate that on average we are only getting two of the eight essential glyconutrients.


Every cell in our body – all 600 trillion of them – needs glyconutritionals.

These glyconutritients help our body to exercise its incredible ability to heal, repair, regenerate, regulate and protect itself just by giving it the raw materials it is already pre-programmed to use.

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