10 Steps to Reduce Stress

can cause havoc. It can suck out your energy and leave you feeling sick and tired. Stress is our biggest modern enemy because it’s the trigger that causes heart attacks, strokes, depression and much more. Stress limits our ability to lead satisfying lives.

The effects of stress on everyday life can vary from person to person. How you handle these stresses will influence how your body reacts.

chroinc depression

Stress and depression sometimes live hand in hand. is a constant feeling of sadness and utter despair. It can isolate you from family and the world. About 20 percent of us experience depression.

Clinical studies show those with chronic depression are more apt to have vascular problems. Why is this? Happy people have healthier levels of fibrinogen and cortisol in their blood making them less vulnerable to heart disease and stokes.

Clinical studies reveal about 65 percent of heart patients have depression, which makes the heart disease worse, which in turn makes the depression worse. If left untreated, it can be fatal.

Stress at work can lead to depression. When folks receive poor feedback from their job and lack rewards for work well done, this can lead to burnout. Burnout which is marked by exhaustion along with cynical or negative attitudes is a contributor toward depression.

Life itself can be depressing. If any symptoms of tiredness, anxiety, depression, irritation, anger, or trying to live a lifestyle that is too fast and furious, then you are at risk for major diseases such as heart disease.

Tired of feeling sick and tired!

To reduce the risks of major diseases and depression, adopt a healthy lifestyle. Here are 10 Natural Health Tips to reducing stress.

  1. Regular exercise. If you are an inactive person, you will find it very difficult at first. Take small steps. Start with simply exercise such as walking and swimming.
  2. Choose a lifestyle that includes “me” time.
  3. Don’t ignore signs of depression. If you continually feel down, sad or separated from everyone for more than two weeks, talk to your doctor. It is a warning sign.
  4. If you are on the job, take your breaks. Make them a refreshing personal time, add walking, and learn to chat about non-work related topics.
  5. Learn to set reasonable standards for yourself. Construct you life with yourself in mind. Learn to walk away from confrontations that make you angry. Then come back later and tackle the problem.
  6. Remember to laugh. Laugh until your sides hurt. After all, God gave us laughter!
  7. Learn to relax. Listen to great uplifting music.
  8. Doing something constructive for someone else can elevate your mood. When you make someone else happy, you become happy.
  9. Always expect happiness. Don’t envy people who are happy. Join them! Put a smile on your face because our body, mind and soul are one and you are worth every ounce of effort you put forth to keep it in balance.
  10. You may want to include a healthy nutritional product that has helped folks who are dealing with stress. Click on fighting stress to find how a group of non-toxic plants may aid with stress.

It takes discipline to adopt and maintain a new lifestyle. But it will be worth it in the long run. We will all have stress to some degree in our life. The key is proper management. After all who want to feeling sick and tired all the time! Take your life back.

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