The Silence of Sweet Sleep

is almost as important as breathing for optimum health. The better you sleep the healthier you are. It is when you sleep that your body regenerates itself. Many folks go to bed late and get up early to exercise to “be healthy.” The reality is in most cases they would be better off to sleep more and exercise less. That’s how powerful sleep is.

Is sleep a luxury in your life?

If yes, you are not alone. Experts estimate the there are around 100 million people in USA who are chronically sleep-deprived. That’s one in two people!

There is no magic number for how many hours of sleep you need, everyone is different. You need as much sleep as you need to feel refreshed in the morning.

Fact: We spend one-third of our lives asleep.


What mysterious events happen while we sleep that is sooo important?

One of the most critical parts of the sleeping process is the . During REM stage, dreams occur, your eyes dart back and forth as if you are watching a movie. This is when most of the psychological stressors of the mind and body are dealt with. When anything interferes with REM sleep, problems are bound to occur soon. Alcohol, bensodiazepine (Valium), caffeine, and other mood-altering drugs are known to interfere with REM sleep.

Over a period of weeks or months the accumulation of psychological stressors that would have been dissipated during REM sleep will break through into your consciousness and can have tragic results. Visual and auditory hallucinations, extreme anxiety, panic attacks and mental illness.

10 Simple Things to Help You Sleep

  1. Keep your bedroom completely dark.
  2. Invest in a comfortable bed.
  3. Keep your bedroom comfortable, quiet and cool with air fresh circulating.
  4. Take a hot bath before going to bed.
  5. Establishing a daily rhythm for eating, exercise and sleeping.
  6. Avoid snacks before retiring
  7. Wind down before going to bed. Get the worries out of your head.
  8. Stay away from caffeine and alcohol.
  9. Avoid liquids right in the late evening for obvious reasons.
  10. Make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet.

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