The Calorie Counting Myth

It is important it understand the “calorie counting myth” because calories doesn’t equal food quality.

For an example, would you agree with me that a 20 ounce of Coca-Cola (250 calories) does not have the same nutritional value as a delicious dark, green salad infused with vegetables and nuts (250 calories)?

Our bodies are in need of more than just calories. They need vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients to function. It has been said the “food is the most powerful drug you will ever take.”

Vitamins, minerals and enzymes are crucial for any function and chemical reactions in your body. Yet because of the nature of processed food and depleted soils, most nutritional experts believe that the current diet provide enough vitamins and minerals for survival but not for optimum health.

Some people choose to their diet by taking a multis. If you choose to do so, make sure the multis includes digestive enzymes for better absorption.

Each of us has a choice to make on what kind of food we shall eat. By making good choices you can promote better health.

While some foods promote health, some foods simple spell trouble. Everyday, you get to decide whether to eat wholesome food that will promote your well-being or you can decide to eat foods that are at war with your body. Here a list of foods at war with your body.

May good health be yours.

Natural Health tip: Whack the calories and Max the nutrition.

 P.S. Who do you believe has it right about weight? Are overweight people the way they are because they eat too much and don’t move around enough?

Or could it be that overweight people actually eat less than their normal weight counterparts?

You might be surprised.  Free report. Did the surgeon general get it wrong about weight?

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