Dirty Secrets About Many Olive Oils

During our visit to the Bay Area, my 13 yr old nephew wanted to visit Jelly Belly Factory. Candy-making is quite a production. On our way to Jelly Belly, we noticed a “Olive Tasting” sign and thought the would be interesting. It proved to be so . . . . even for a 13 yr old who could not get enough of their fine tasting olive oil. This is what we learned:

Dirty Secrets About Many Olive Oils

  1. Extra Virgin Olive oil may be cut with canola oil, vegetable oil, older olive oil, soybean oil or hazelnut oil and not be labeled as such.
  2. Olive oil leaves and twigs are left in the olives during the time of pressing. This created a false green color, “green taste” and fakes polyphenol content by a bitter taste.
  3.  Olives are pressed with fruit fly larvae in the olives. Most often this oil is found at farmers markets.
  4. Imported oil is labeled as California EVOO(Extra Virgin Olive Oil).
  5. Food coloring is added to olive oil to create a deceptive appearance.
  6. Lower grade oil is labeled EVOO.
  7. EVOO from third world countries are marked as though they came from Italy.
  8. Rancid olive oil is sold as fresh oil.
  9. Olive oil is sold as organic EVOO and it is not.
  10. Unrealistic made up use by date stamped on EVOO.
  11. Fact: There are no olive oil inspectors in the government.
  12. The US government does not set standards for the quality of olive oil. This is done by private organizations such as the International Olive Oil Council.

Your Olive Oil Is Most Likely NOT As Healthy as You Think!

  1. There is a 50% chance you may have bought olive oil that is older than one year.
  2. Your oil might be of a good quality, however it has a low polyphenol content.
  3. Your olive oil may have been adulterated.
  4. I you eat fiber with olive oil, you have cancelled the oil’s health benefit.

There is a 9 out of 10 chance that one or more of these statements apply to your olive oil.

 Red Flags About Olive Oil

  1. If the olive says or implies that it came from Italy, it  most likely does not.
  2. It it has a use by date. There are no standards for this date.
  3. If the company makes light(lite) oil, all of it’s products are in question.
  4. If the oil comes in a green bottle, it might be hiding something.
  5. If the price is too low.
  6. If the bottle says first pressed, cold pressed or cold processed.

Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil available through Sepay Groves. They have a membership program(which is free) that entitles you to a 10-15 % discount. And they can deliver EVOO right to your home 4 times a year(plus shipping charge). Here is there link: Sepay Grove Club Membership Information.

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  1. Kylie Sanchez Says:

    Olive oil is very tasty and has some nutty taste too.*`’

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