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monica karge

America in health crisis. How can this be?

Hello. My name is Monica and I am a Registered Nurse. I have been a nurse for 30 years and I have witnessed a lot of pain and suffering.

  • Nurses know(at least this one does) that medical doctors don’t heal disease, they manage disease.
  • Nurses know that diabetes doesn’t just happen. People do something (or don’t do something) to get it.
  • Nurses know that high blood pressure can be prevented or reversed in many cases, without debilitating side effects of prescription drugs.
  • Nurses know that the #1 complaint all over the world is debilitating fatigue.
  • Nurses know that every prescription drug you take can sabotage your immune system and ruin your health.

I have seen it all. And it ain’t pretty. I have seen folks suffering because they choose to ignore health principles. I have witnessed folks in misery because they lacked knowledge.

It’s time to stop the senseless sick and tired cycle. It’s time for me to speak out. It’s time to share with folks what I finally discovered.

When you are sick, where do you go? When your life is on the line, who do you trust? When you have questions about your health, who do you ask? If you are like most people, you turn to the medical profession. Sometimes, they can help you. Sometimes, they do not have the answer.

What if, there was something out there that you heard that could help you feel better? What if, there was something that could help you have more energy and life longer? You would want to know, right?

My Calling: My calling has always been to help people. Now I can do so here at “Do You Want Health” without any undercurrent of sorrow and powerlessness.

My hope: My hope is that through this site you can travel the wellness journey with me and prevent illness, or if you are ill, you can learn some ways to become well again.

There is a bright future for those who are open to discover, for themselves, that the dismal past is not the only reality. There are alternatives to the conventional approach that I saw failing all around me. There is hope. I can share that hope with you.

Will you join me in this marvelous vision of discovering health and happiness . . . before it’s too late?

P.S. Click here to see facts about Vitamins. It may shock you. It did me.

May good health be yours,


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